Discover the wines of Domaine Montirius

First vineyard certified in bio-dynamics on the Vacqueyras & Gigondas appellations since 1999

Erster bio-dynamisch zertifizierter Weinberg der Appellationen Vacqueyras & Gigondas seit 1999

Oenological stay at Château La Roque

During your oenological discovery at Château La Roque, luxury bed and breakfast in Provence, put in your agenda, the discovery of Domaine Montirius and its wines. You will appreciate the exceptional quality of the wines of the domain during dinners at Château La Roque.

Montirius : A remarkable vineyard in biodynamics

Montirius Domain is one of our great vineyards of the southern Rhone Valley, with wine classifications in Vacqueyras, Gigondas, Côtes du Rhône and Vin de Pays du Vaucluse. To produce great wines, Christine and Eric Saurel chose in 1996 to cultivate their vineyards and wine as bio-dynamic.

With varieties typical of Provence, such as Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Roussanne, Christine and Eric Saurel produce wonderful wines, to our delight.

Every year numerous awards and medals attest to the high quality of the wines produced by Christine and Eric Saurel. Go to their website, the list of awards is too long for us to enumerate here.

But what is biodynamic?

Biodynamic is based on the principle of listening to and observing the wine so that it finds its own balance, adapts itself to its environment and hazards, resistant to disease. Beyond the biological approach, the biodynamic winemaker works the land and uses preparations from plant, animal and mineral substances based on the vine growing cycles and on the lunar calendar.

An example of the application of biodynamic principles: how do Christine and Eric Saurel decide when to begin the grape harvest? They launch the harvest two months and 18 days after the first cicada songs. These first songs themselves happen after several days of constant sunshine.

Vins du Domaine Montirius

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