La Roque sur Pernes, village of Provence

An hilltop village in the Vaucluse, unspoiled by tourism

La Roque sur Pernes

Stay at Château La Roque, Historic Heritage of the Vaucluse and immerse yourself in the history and soul of Provence by walking in the village of La Roque sur Pernes

Château La Roque, a history closely linked to that of the village of La Roque sur Pernes

Sheltered and protected, thevillage of La Roque sur Pernes has natural springs and vestiges testifying to its occupation since prehistoric times and during Romain period.
Since the High Middle Ages, the defensive castle and its belt of ramparts around the village, served as a refuge for the population during the barbarian invasions in the 7th century and throughout the Middle Ages.

The castle, recognized Historic Heritage, was personal property of the Popes and managed directly by them until 1741. The castle had with the village of La Roque sur Pernes, an incredible destiny.

The major rescue and restoration work on the castle, which took place from 2000 to 2005, enabled it to be transformed into aluxury B&B and to highlight the superb architectural heritage of this 11th century building.

La Roque sur Pernes, tourism in Provence

Get a foothold in Provence. Take the calades which go down from the castle to the village and discover La Roque sur Pernes, small typical village of Provence.

Push the door of the Maison de l’histoire locale where is traced the ancient history and the more recent history of the village with the arrival of the Banatais. The Banatais are ancient Lorraine and Alsatians, settled in the Banat in the 17th century. The Banat after the First World War was divided between Romania, Hungary and Yugoslavia. During the Second World War, the Banatais fled bombardments and extermination. Some refugee families settle in La Roque sur Pernes and restore the desertified village.

But if you want to take a picture of the village, follow the road towards Isle sur la Sorgue. Continue up to the top of the plateau to admire the bories (old shepherd’s houses in dry stones) and have a superb view over Château La Roque and the village with the Mont Ventoux in the background.

La Roque sur Pernes in Comtat Venaissin