The Ocher Conservatory (Ôkhra)

Discover the industrial and geological history of the ochres of Vaucluse

The Ocher Conservatory (Ôkhra)

The discovery of the ochres of Provence during your stay at Château La Roque

During the restoration of Château La Roque, we mainly used ochres for the decoration of Château La Roque. The Conservatoire des Ochres in Roussillon in Luberon was our place of inspiration, learning and supplier. It is a magnificent place to discover for colour lovers.

The visit of the Mathieu factory in Roussillon

As part of the discovery of the Massif des Ocres en Luberon, visiting the Mathieu factory is needed to understand the different stages of treatment of ocher, from extraction to shipping. Numerous workshops for novices 6-96 years and for professionals to introduce themselves to or learn more about the use of dyes and artisanal know-how. (photo Catherine Gardone)

History and use of ochre in Provence.

Ôkhra – Usine Mathieu
84220 – Roussillon (Provence)

+ 33 (0)4 90 05 66 69