Visit the synagogue of Carpentras

Come visit the oldest synagogue of France still in activity

Visiter la synagogue de Carpentras

Less than 15 minutes fromChâteau La Roque, Carpentras is a city with a very rich historical past, especially with the presence of the Popes from the 14th century and the Comtat Venaissin. Many buildings bear witness to this flourishing and exciting past.

Escapade to the Château La Roque and Carpentras

Take advantage of your escapade to Château La Roqueto stroll in the city of Carpentras and discover the squares, the old palaces, the cathedral St-Siffrein and the synagogue of Carpentras.

Visit of the synagogue of Carpentras

The synagogue of Carpentras bears witness to the 14th century, when the Popes in Avignon invited the Jews to reside in the Comtat Venaissin and protected them from persecution.

It was built in 1367 and rebuilt in the 18th century to accommodate the growing Jewish population.

In the basement are baths and swimming pools (mikveh) according to the Hebrew rite. You can still see the original 14th century swimming pool. The bakery and ovens occupy the other rooms. The cult room, on the first floor, from the 18th century and very recently restored is absolutely superb.
This exceptional building is today one of the oldest synagogues in France still in operation. It was declared a Historic Monument in 1924. The 14th century Jewish cemetery in Carpentras is also the oldest active Jewish cemetery in France.

Visits to the synagogue: Contact the Synagogue (T. 04 90 63 39 97 – or the Carpentras Tourist Office. Château La Roque will give you all the help you need to organise your visit

Les visites de la synagogue : Se renseigner auprès de la Synagogue (T. 04 90 63 39 97 – ou auprès de l’Office de Tourisme de Carpentras. Château La Roque vous apportera toute l’aide nécessaire pour organiser votre visite.

Synagogue OF Carpentras

15 place Maurice Charretier – 84200 CARPENTRAS
Tél: 04 90 63 39 97