Spend the night in a castle in Provence

Come live the dream of spending the night in a medieval castle in Provence and stay in a luxury guest room that combines history and modernity.

Château La Roque, an 11th century fortified castle, majestically dominates the village of La Roque sur Pernes in the Vaucluse. This magnificent citadel has traversed more than 1000 years of history.
The proprietors, Chantal and Jean Tomasino, had the idea of transforming this fortress into a luxury boutique hotel.

You have a choiceof five deluxe and designer rooms for a dream vacation in Provence. Passionate about architecture, your hosts can regale you with the castle’s fabulous, strongly linked to that of the Popes in Avignon. In 2015, the label VMF –Historical Heritage was attributed to Château La Roque.

Top-of-the-range services

With our selection of top quality services and upscale privileges, we can promise you a carefree and enjoyable stay at Château la Roque.

The panoramic heated pool and its sunny terrace will enchant you. You will also enjoy the shaded belvedere-like gardens, perfect for daydreaming. The gourmet restaurant with its subtle flavors and refined selection of local wines will be as much a revelation as a shared pleasure.

Massages are offered to help you unwind or to refresh you after your sports activities. May be you just want to relax but at the same time not miss exploring Provence, wine tasting: we can give you all the advice and suggestions necessary for a superb, enriching and amazing stay.

An attentive and personalized welcome as well as top-of-the-range services complement your stay at Château La Roque, making it unforgettable.

The pool

A natural pool niched in a grotto invites you to relax on the sunny terrace or beneath the olive trees, with the Rhône Valley spreading out before you.

The Restaurant

An inventive and gourmet cuisine that offers the flavors of Provence and carefully selected ingredients, accompanied by some of the best wines.

The Gardens

The dry gardens and the terraces of the castle offer throughout the year, a remarkable Provencal scenery above the valley.

The Concierge

Personalized quality services to meet all your expectations and make your stay enjoyable. With our selection of top quality services.

The heated pool and its sunny terrace will enchant you. You will appreciate the shaded terraced gardens perfect for dreaming. The gourmet restaurant with subtle flavors and the fine selection of local wines will be as many discoveries as shared pleasures.

A massage service is offered to relax or comfort you after a sporting effort. You want to relax or you have on the contrary a mad desire to discover Provence, wine tasting, we will do our best to bring you the necessary advice for a rewarding, superb and amazing stay.

Rent a castle in Provence for a special event

Spend the night in a castle in Provence

Un château du XIème, Patrimoine Historique

Chantal et Jean Tomasino ont le plaisir de partager avec vous ces instants de privilèges et aussi leur connaissance de cet édifice, de son histoire et des épopées romanesques qu’il a vécues.

The history of Château La Roque in the Vaucluse

An ignored edifice, a little-known history and in a badly dilapidated state…that was Château La Roque’s situation in 2000 when Chantal and Jean Tomasino acquired it. As its restoration progressed, the building showed itself to be of great historic and architectural richness, emblematic of the history of Provence. Few historic buildings in Provence can claim such along life. This fortified castle in La Roque sur Pernes, mentioned since the 8th century, was in the domain of the Counts of Toulouse before becoming the Popes’ personal property for five centuries. In 1791, along with the Comtat Venaissin, it integrated the French kingdom. Château La Roque recounts the whole epic of Provence and the Popes of Avignon.

Until now it was difficult for us to really know the origins of the château of La Roque sur Pernes. However, our investigations have permitted us to present, in a few paragraphs, the major stages in the history of this site, which weathered the centuries and participated in the lively history of Provence and France up to the present day.

The town of La Roque sur Pernes attests to a rich prehistoric past. Its development certainly occurred during the decline of the Roman Empire and the barbarian invasions in the 5th century when the populations tried to escape the invaders. In the 8th century, the fortified castle already existed; it allowed the inhabitants to fight and chase out the Saracens during the different waves of invasions that started in 732. La Roque became an important market town with a château, a house of the Templar Knights, a leper colony, a soldiers garrison and a civilian hospital. This hilltop castle is a magnificent and impregnable observatory with a cliff on one side and a deep dry moat on the other.

In the 11th century, the château of La Roque sur Pernes (a Marquisate of Provence) was annexed to the County of Toulouse through the marriage of Emma de Provence with Guillaume III, Count of Toulouse. The counts, like other nobles, had their home here. Théodat, Lord of La Roque and a vassal of the Count, reinforced the defensive character of the château: the ramparts, crenellations and arrow slits, the keep and 4 towers. La Roque remained under the suzerainty of the Counts until 1229 (with the treaty of Meaux-Paris), date when the Count of Toulouse ceded his possessions along the Rhône to the king of France and the Papacy and had to raze the towers and keeps at about thirty of his castles, including the one in La Roque sur Pernes. In La Roque only a part of the ramparts and the building housing the soldiers (the present-day building) remained. The only daughter of the Count of Toulouse, Jeanne, married Alphonse de Poitiers, the brother of King Louis IX. La Roque sur Pernes then entered into the French realm.

Pope Gregory X took possession of what would become the Comtat Venaissin in 1274, following the death of Alphonse de Poitiers. The château of La Roque (La Rocca), set on the border of the pontifical states, occupied a strategic position for the Popes, who had it restored. The château had the privilege of belonging to the Pope’s estate, of being in some ways the Popes’ personal property. The Popes made sure that the lords in vassalage kept up maintenance of the château. From 1524 to 1569, the 2nd lord in vassalage to Clement VII, Boniface de Pérussis, restored and beautified the château to lodge his family there. His wife Hélène had a chapel built of which we can still see the some traces and inscriptions. In 1575, Sébastien de Séguins was named lord of La Roque, which became La Roche des Seguins. He continued the beautification and fortification of the château. The Séguins family held the lordship until 1623. The Apostolic Camera, weary of the following lords’ negligence, decided to sell the lordship of La Roque to Galéan, Duke of Gadagne, in 1650. The château of La Roque lost its lordly privileges and became a private property. Nonetheless, the Apostolic Camera continued to ensure monitoring of the County’s borders by naming its governors. The Marquis de Brantes, in the name of the Roman Curia, ensured the command of the village and mainly the castle to maintain order and collect taxes.

In 1741, André-Marie de Centenier bought the château of La Roque, the lands and the adjoining properties from Galéan, duke of Gadagne. In 1791, the Apostolic Camera returned the Comtat Venaissin to France. The period of the French Revolution was quiet in La Roque. The château, the church and the properties were respected. The Centenier family progressively ceded the château and all the adjoining lands to the people of La Roque.

In 2000, Chantal and Jean Tomasino purchased the Château of La Roque sur Pernes. They undertook the total restoration of the château, of which the main works were completed in 2004. These works brought to light the remnants of the building’s history and the details of its architecture that up until then had been hidden. The renovation continues in sections each year.

Sources: History of La Roque sur Pernes by the abbot J.M.J. Constantin (1882); “Un vrai gentilhomme ami du peuple au XVIe siècle”. Sébastien de Seguins (Ed.1872) by Jacques- Marie Trichaud (Hachette Livre/BnF); The chronologies of Maurice Griffe (Maurice and Jacqueline Griffe – La Provence – TSH 11/2004; Copies of notarial deeds of property since 1741; Wikipédia.

Experience nights in a medieval castle

Booking at Château La Roque means staying in a room with quality comforts all while plunging into the exceptional history of theMiddle Ages and the Popes of Avignon.

Perched atop a rock overlooking the village of La Roque sur Pernes

Symbol of Chivalry and Nobility, the castle on its hill overlooks and protects its village. Your room is like a veritable observation post and although you may not spot any encroaching enemies you can still admire the valley below.

Admire the vestiges and traces of ten centuries of history.

In all of the rooms you can relish ten centuries of history, art and architecture in the historical features: inscriptions, arches, vaulted ceilings and arrow slits. To reach your suite, you climb steps of a stairway worn away by 1000 years of use. The whole building reveals to you its martial past in its ramparts, machicolations and drawbridge gate.

From parapet walk to gardens

Wander through the gardens on what was once the parapet walk and admire the flamboyant sunsets. Spot the old cisterns and the steps hollowed out of the rock. In all of the gardens you can relax in absolute peace and in all privacy, the village at your feet and the valley below it.

Your hosts and guides

Chantal and Jean Tomasino are happy to share with you these privileged moments and tell you all about the castle, its history and the romanesque epics it has known.

Dear friends, dear clients,

Thank you for your friendship and loyalty over the past twenty years.
You have brought us much happiness and we have lived unforgettable moments in your presence.
With you Château La Roque has become a "Paradise in Provence",
an address ranked among the 10% most appreciated in the world (TripAdvisor).

Today Château La Roque is closing its doors for good.

We will often think of you with fondness in our hearts.
Thank you again to all of you and have a wonderful life.
Chantal and Jean Tomasino