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A castel break in Provence : The bedroom of the Lady

A stay in Château La Roque in Provence, a rendezvous with history.

Bed and breakfast Provence

At Château La Roque, the suite “Le Poste de Guet” has been, since the 13th century, the ladies’ room of the castle. The lady of the castle always had a bedroom separate from that of her husband.

Château La Roque, a prestigious guest house in a historic site

The restoration of this citadelrevealed the life of the lord and his lady during medieval times. Each of the castle’s rooms reveals a part of the history of the fortress and the lives of its tenants.

The “Les Voûtes” suite was the lord’s room and the “Le poste de guet” suite was his lady’s room. The work revealed in particular in the room “Le poste de guet” the vestiges and inscriptions of the lady’s private chapel.

Château La Roque: rediscovering the place of women in the Middle Ages

In medieval times, the lady had a room in the castle separate from that of her husband. In her room she sleeps, works, receives and gives audiences.
Contrary to what is often thought, women had total legal capacity. No longer minors by the age of 12, they were owners of their goods and property, which were inalienable. They administered their lands and estates just as the men did. They bought and sold, carried out transactions, founded cities, raised armies, voted and testified in court.
So, the room “Le Poste de Guet” was the room for the lady of the castle, a place for her to rest, but also for meetings and work, where she made her own decisions free of control.
In her room, the often pious lady had a private chapel, of which you can see the vestiges of the inscriptions. On the same landing, the lord had his own apartments, which today make up the suite “Les Voûtes”.
But with the Renaissance and the development of the University, the Church and priests took power. They attack women’s rights and the status of women is deteriorating. Women’s right to vote was abolished by decree in 1498.

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