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Ernest Pignon-Ernest in Avignon

400 works trace Ernest Pignon-Ernest's commitments over the past 60 years


Ernest Pignon-Ernest – Ecce Homa – Avignon

Pier Paolo Pasolini alive carrying himself dead in his arms - Ernest Pignon-Ernest – 2015

Enjoy your stay at Château La Roque, a prestigious guest houseand discover in Avignon, in the magnificent medieval citadel that is the Palais des Papes, 60 years of work and "interventions" by Ernest Pignon-Ernest.

Château La Roque, a medieval fortress transformed into a boutique hotel near Avignon

Château La Roque, located less than 30 minutes from Avignon, is therefore an ideal stopover to discover the Palais des Papes, the largest medieval fortress in Europe.
Château La Roque has a privileged history to tell with the Palace of the Popes. It was in fact the personal property of the Popes for more than 5 centuries, until 1741.
Five luxury rooms and suites offer you comfort and calm in an incredible setting with superb views over the surrounding valleys. Hanging gardens, a swimming pool dug into the rock at the foot of a cliff, paradise awaits you in this unique and unexpected place.

Ernest Pignon-Ernest - 60 years of artistic expressions at the Popes' Palace - Avignon

Since 1966 Ernest Pignon-Ernest has been displaying, in the streets, drawings on a human scale and of an incredible artistic quality. These drawings touch and provoke us, awaken our collective memory and force us not to forget: the thousands of people shot in the Paris Commune, immigrants in cellars, people tortured in Lyon prisons during the war, the suffering and murders linked to Apartheid, the right to abortion. It also brings to life extraordinary characters such as Rimbaud, Neruda, Maurice Audin, Mahmoud Darwich, the Caravage, Pier Paolo Pasolini. His drawings honor the history of the place where they are displayed, to revive the memory, not to forget.
The400 works exhibited in the Great Chapel of the Popes' Palace include sketches, drawings and life-size human representations, some of which have become timeless icons. These works touch, shock and testify to an artistic work and a constant commitment towards one's fellow human beings, the forgotten people of society, of Humanity.
An exceptional exhibition to introduce us to street art that serves a social and political commitment. Ernest Pignon-Ernest in the streets of the world shows us what we are trying to hide, challenges us on the reality of the world, reminds us of what we could forget.