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The remarquable gardens of the Abbey of Valsaintes

Visit the Abbaye de Valsaintes, one of the most beautiful rose gardens in Provence.


The gardens of the Abbaye de Valsaintes

A timeless moment in a remarkable garden

At Chateau La Roque we have created, over the past 17 years, dry gardens that respect the environment and blend in with the scenic stone walls of Provence. We received a great amount of advice from Olivier Filippi (Mèze – Hérault - France) a specialist in dry gardens. We were also deeply inspired by the authentic beauty of the gardens of Valsaintes Abbey.

The gardens of Chateau La Roque

Built on a rocky outcrop, Château La Roque does not offer many possibilities for cultivating a garden. But by taking away tons of pebbles, bringing in a bit of earth and following Olivier Filippi's advice on the choice of plants suited to difficult conditions, we succeeded in creating terraced gardens with stunning views over the valley. And then, progressively, we planted rose bushes that have incorporated themselves into the site, that beautify it and mix their scent with those of the linden and the lavender.

Jean-Yves Meignen, the gardener at the Valsaintes Abbey has also greatly inspired us. Just like at Valsaintes Abbey, our gardening practices are 100% natural.

Beauty, spirituality, harmony, Valsaintes, a garden unlike any other

In the commune of Simiane-la-Rotonde, discover the "Remarkable Garden" of the Valsaintes Abbey, an ancient and historic site.

With respect for the environment, more than 550 varieties of roses and 350 varieties of dry garden plants live in perfect harmony in this otherwise arid spot in Provence. It is a pleasure to stroll through the collection of fragrant lavender or admire the subtle colors of the thousands of roses along "the rose path". This garden is also a field of remembrance. Along a path you will spot and marvel at an ancient solar calender, a medieval cross tucked in among the roses, the ruins of a shrine dedicated to fertility and the Mother Goddesses to which the women of prehistoric times came in the hopes of conceiving a child.

The promenade at the Abbaye de Valsaintes invites you to regenerate in this spot of beauty and wonder, but also of initiation and instruction in the agro-ecology garden. And the views are stunning from the recently renovated abbey church and from all the gardens.

If you fall in love with any of the plants or rose bushes, you can purchase them at the nursery and get with it all the advice and the 100% natural garden-care products.

The prestigious chateau of Simiane-La-Rotonde

Don't miss going to the chateau de Simiane-La-Rotonde during your visit to the gardens de Valsaintes. Dating from the 11th century, the Chateau de Simiane is a prestigious edifice from the Middle Ages. An enormous tower holds the rotunda (La Rotonde). The upper hall, the stateroom, is exceptional with its 12 ribbed vaults, its 12 columns crowned by capitals surmounted by humanoid masks and its high cupola. We can just stand in admiration, impressed by the beauty of the place, as it must have impressed the guests of the Lord of Agoult and his wife.

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