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Van Gogh in Provence during your stay at Château La Roque

Immersion in the heart of the masterpieces painted by Vincent Van Gogh during his stay in Provence


Vincent Van Gogh – The Starry Night – Carrières de Lumières

A digital exhibition to discover Vincent Van Gogh's soul and universe

During your stay at Château La Roque, prestigious guest room in Provence, don't miss the multimedia exhibition "Van Gogh, La Nuit étoilée" at the Carrières de Lumières, located at the foot of the village of Les Baux de Provence.

A stay at Château La Roque to meet Vincent van Gogh in Provence

Château La Roque is ideally located in Provence to return to the sites and places where Vincent Van Gogh lived and painted his most wonderful paintings.
Spend a day with Vincent van Gogh to discover the landscapes that have changed his life and art.
Visit Arles to find the streets, cafés, sunflower fields, the Langlois bridge that inspired him so much since his arrival in February 1888. Visit the Van Gogh Foundation, which presents a selection of Vincent Van Gogh's paintings on loan from the Amsterdam Museum.
Do not miss the hospice Saint-Paul de Mausole de Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, a still very well preserved place where Van Gogh was cared for and from which he assiduously continued his work of drawing and painting until May 1890.
Finally, head off to Les Baux de Provence at Les Carrières de Lumières to experience incredible emotions with a total immersion in the soul and painting of this extraordinary artist.

"Van Gogh -The Starry Night" at the Carrières de Lumières

The multimedia exhibition displayed on the gigantic walls of the Carrières de Lumières immerses you in the magnificent works that Van Gogh realised during his stay in Arles and Saint Rémy-de-Provence.
The artist, inspired by the sun, the fabulous light of Provence, the fruit trees in bloom, the irises, the sunflowers and the blue olive trees, executed hundreds of drawings and paintings among the most famous. The "Iris", "Starry Night", "Sunflowers", "Coffee Terrace in the evening", "Yellow House", "Olives","Bedroom" come alive on the walls of the 15-metre high quarries, on the floors and ceilings. You immerse yourself in the artist's inner and poetic world. You make your's his passion for colours and lights, for the life of Provence in the 19th century that he so well transcribed in his portraits and life scenes.

You will have as a bonus a digital journey to the heart of the Japanese imagination derived from prints, that of gheishas, samurai and spirits. This contemplative stroll through "Japon rêvé" will make you touch this wonderful art that fascinated 19th century artists like Van Gogh and impressionists when they discovered it.